Payment Gateway Changes –
Updated December, 2011

Due to some changes with our new payment gateway, if you have a saved credit card in your account that does not work, your credit card was most likely saved when we used a previous payment gateway, and the system is trying to process through the payment gateway we no longer have.  Please delete the credit card you currently have on file, and reenter the credit card as a new card, entering all information as new.  To do this, after you log into the Domain Manager, click on ‘Credit Card Info' on the left menu, then under the "Select the card you would like to edit," click on the orange nickname of the saved credit card, and click on ‘Delete’ at the bottom of the credit card online form.  After that click on ‘New Card’ and enter the credit card information as a new card. 
**  If you have received a notice from us regarding the failure of your domains to auto-renew, make sure to follow the procedure above, and if your domains will expire in less than 30 days, make sure to manually renew them. **